MJ's 1920 Restaurant & Bar

MJ's 1920 Restaurant & Bar, the swankiest speakasy where everything's Jake! This swell of a hub is where you can relive the glitz and glories of the Roaring Twenties, and have a long deserved drinkavous. Opening 2017 in Seminyak, Bali, this speakeasy is distinguishable from the rest through it's style and appeal. 


Epistula Communications assisted them to develop their swanky and glitzy identity. Inspired by the art-deco style from the twenties and speakeasy speaking attitude, we produced some of the most exciting graphics coupled with bold language for all their communication tools.

Below are some of the many collaterals that we have crafted for this 1920s inspired new landmark in Seminyak.

Services : Brand Identity Development, Website Development, & Copywriting.

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