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Creative Marketing & Brand Identity Consultant

EAZE Villas


The name EAZE is, of course, derived from the word ‘ease’, meaning the absence of difficulty, effort, rigidity or discomfort. The name represents freedom from worries or problems and a relaxed frame of mind. The ‘Z’ – like a reversed ‘S’ – brings a modern twist suggestive of innovative, perhaps playful, new approaches to familiar concepts. It also stands for the comic book-style ‘Zzzs’ that denote a deep and satisfying slumber.

The character of the brand name was one of the greatest inspirations throughout the development of the logo. The design had to suggest harmony and comfort while appearing soothing and simple. Design elements in the final logo relate to familiar objects and shapes such as comfy sofa chairs or plan-view hotel room doorways, all rendered in a timeless modern style.

Service : Brand Identity Development, Website, Copywriting & Communication Guideline


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