BPR Lestari is Indonesia's 2nd largest Rural Bank (People's Bank of Credit Loans). Operating since 1999, Lestari began it's service by opening it's head office in Kuta. Today, 15 years in the run, they have managed to open 14 branches throughout Bali and soon looking to expand to Java and other provinces and islands throughout Indonesia. "Fast and Friendly" with a personalized approach is how BPR Lestari's banking officer treat every customer since their first day of service.


Epistula leads their rebranding project in achieving a new, fresh, dynamic and modern look. This character is applied to all collaterals, building ornaments and signages, ATM booths, promotional flyers, brochures and also a newly designed website. 


Services : Brand Identity Development, Photography Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting and Communication Guideline.

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